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8:30 am* to 5:00 pm

*Registration and Vendor Fair opens at 7:30 am

New Location:

245 E. Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Events on Jackson is a unique urban venue located in the Warehouse District of downtown Phoenix.  It has high-tech functionality with historic charm.

To learn more about our new venue, click here


Social Media:  Pitfalls and Pratfalls

Bill Montgomery, Esq., Maricopa County Attorney

This program will explore the pitfalls and pratfalls of using social media.  You will be guided on a tour of real cases of lawyers, paralegals, judges, clients, defendants and others who have experienced  social media pratfalls. You will also learn about the ethical implications of responding to online criticism, “befriending” and posting on Facebook, YouTube advertising, and whether to “Tweet or Not to Tweet.”


A View From the Window - Insights and Advice from our Clerks of the Superior Courts of Arizona

Toni Hellon, Clerk of the Court, Pima County Superior Court

Donna McQuality, Clerk of the Court, Yavapai County Superior Court

Lynn Fazz, Clerk of the Court, Yuma County Superior Court

Chris DeRose, Esq., Clerk of the Court, Maricopa County Superior Court



Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 Conference Highlights:
  • Excellent speakers and FOUR Breakout Sessions
  • 6.0 hours of CLE credit (legal and ethics educational sessions)
  • Vendor Fair (and prize drawings after lunch!)
  • Networking opportunities
  • Breakfast and refreshment breaks, unlimited all-day drinks
  • Luncheon buffet and time to network and mingle—inside or outside
  • Downloadable/printable speaker handouts
  • Printed conference brochure
  • APA and paralegal-branded merchandise available
  • Don’t worry about parking—we’ve got you covered
  • FREE Wireless Internet
  • MORE door prizes and giveaways at close of conference!

Registration Fees:

  • APA Member - $100*
  • Non Member, but member of NALA or a NALA-Affiliated Association, or CP or ACP $120*
  • Non-Member - $200*
  • APA Student Member - $75
  • Student Non-Member - $100 (with current student ID presented at registration desk)

*Prices above are per person and include entrance to full seminar, Vendor Fair, breakfast, refreshment breaks and luncheon, and access to online seminar materials.


Contact Teresa Romero, CP, teresaromero.apa@gmail.com, or Irene Winterburn, CP, president@azparalegal.org


#MeToo!  Revisiting Sexual Harassment in the Post-Weinstein Era

Donald P. Johnsen, Esq., Shareholder, Gallagher & Kennedy, PA

For the past year, courtesy of Harvey Weinstein, et al., America has been getting an extended public lesson in what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.  Or has it?  This session will refresh participants on the basic legal concepts in workplace harassment, and will discuss the wide gap between the public’s perception of the issue and the way that courts actually deal with such claims.

Trial is Different - Trial Practice Do's and Don'ts

Joseph Popolizio, Esq., Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC

Holly McGee, Litigation Technology Coordinator, Paralegal, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC

Joe and Holly will cover the Paralegal’s role in trial preparation from retention to verdict.  Learn how the attorney and paralegal responsibilities dovetail to effectively represent the client to attain the best result possible.  From retention through discovery, litigation, trial prep, and trial, the paralegal’s role and responsibilities, as well as the attorney and the court’s expectations of the paralegal, will be discussed.  Learn how to effectively and seamlessly assist the attorney in and out of the courtroom and what to expect and what not to expect at trial.  Remember – trial is different!

Updates Regarding Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act

Sonia Martinez, Esq., Law Office of Sonia Martinez

This legal education program will introduce you to the hot topic litigation issues associated with Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act and Program. You will get updates regarding how this program is affecting legal issues in the areas of criminal law, civil law, employment, and housing. You will also learn about legislation and other issues affecting the program and medical marijuana industry in Arizona.

First Amendment Issues from the Trenches

Brunn "Beau" Roysden, Esq., Deputy Chief of the Civil Litigation Division, Arizona Attorney General's Office

This presentation covers two cases of interest involving novel First Amendment questions.  The first case is Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice v. Ducey, which challenges a provision in Arizona’s victim’s rights laws that requires criminal defense attorneys, investigators, and defendants to initiate contact with victims through prosecutors’ offices.  Several defense attorneys have challenged this twenty-five year old law as violating their personal First Amendment rights to speak with crime victims directly.  The second case is Jordahl v. Brnovich, in which an attorney is challenging a recent Arizona law that requires all State and local government contractors to certify that they are not engaged in a boycott of Israel.  The plaintiff contends that boycotts are protected First Amendment activity, and the state law should be declared unconstitutional.  A similar challenge was recently filed in Kansas.  Mr. Roysden will also explore he paralegal’s role when assisting with pursuing or defending First Amendment issues.  As time permits, other cases will be discussed and there will be time for questions and answers regarding litigating First Amendment issues involving state and local government.

Cancellation Policy:

Registration fee will be refunded up to Friday, April 13, 2017. Thereafter, the registration fee, less a $50 enrollment charge, will be refunded upon written cancellation received no later than Tuesday, April 17th. No refunds after April 17th. Thank you.

Water Safe?  Liability Associated with Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools

Maria Bella, AFOIT, CPOI, LGI, Aquatics & Drowning Expert

This presentation will cover basic personal liability issues related to homeowners who have a pool & how to be safe against liability from injured parties at their residence.  She will also address liability issues related to commercial (public or otherwise) pools, including standards for supervision, slip/fall surfaces, drowning, disease contaminants, etc. in terms of safety against liability for injured parties/guests.

Ten Tips to Keep Your Firm Ethically Compliant in 2018

Lynda Shely, Esq., The Shely Firm, PC

This program will cover the ethics requirements for conflict checking (no matter what size firm or practice areas!), how to train staff on rechecking for conflicts, tips for client-friendly invoices, and four ethics blunders commonly made by time keepers.

It’s Not Just Grandpa—Recognizing Abuse and Neglect Claims for Vulnerable Adults

Teri Rowe, Esq., Partner,
Miller, Weber Kory, LLP

Abuse and neglect cases are not just for the elderly.  Any adult physically or mentally unable to protect themselves from harm are subject to abuse or neglect.  While these cases are often presented by the elderly in nursing homes, abuse can occur from victims recovering from accident injuries, in hospitals, group homes, and even jail.  This presentation will address the ins and outs of representing vulnerable adults for abuse claims.

Shooting Your Mouth Off About the Second Amendment

Robert J. McWhirter, Esq., Law Offices of Robert J. McWhirter

Guns. No matter how pacifist we boys (and girls) later become, we all played with guns. Guns are integral to the American myth – from the western to the cop.  But how does the myth of the gun in America compare to the Second Amendment’s history? How does and should this history influence the law?  This presentation discusses the Second Amendment’s history and how it fits with American culture. What did the Framers really mean? What was the history they knew? Who did they intend to have guns? Did they intend an individual or collective right?  This is the Second Amendment explained outside the rhetoric.



Last day to register: 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Arizona Paralegal Association’s Paperless Seminar

The APA has gone green!  All speaker handouts will be available prior to the Seminar (a link will be  emailed to all registrants).  Download the materials to your device or print, and we’ll see you at the Seminar!

We would love to have you as a sponsor at this event!  Visit our Sponsors page here or download the complete Sponsors Brochure here.

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