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Professional Certifications

The Certified Paralegal (CP)

Courtesy of NALA, the Association for Paralegals (www.nala.org):

"Professional certification is a time honored process respected by both employers and those within the career field. The following is a definition used by many to describe professional certification:

Professional certification is a voluntary process by which a nongovernmental entity grants a time-limited recognition to an individual after verifying that the individual has met predetermined, standardized criteria. (Source: Rops, Mickie S., CAE, Understanding the Language of Credentialing, American Society of Association Executives, May 2002.)

The definition hits the high points. Certification is voluntary, not imposed by government. It is time limited, which means that those with the certification must fulfill ongoing educational requirements to keep the certification current, and the criteria for certification is recognized in the community. Keep these aspects in mind as you read more about the Certified Paralegal program."

To learn more about NALA and its CP examination, visit: https://www.nala.org/how-exam-developed-section-descriptions-passing-scores.

The Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP)

Courtesy of NALA, the Association for Paralegals (www.nala.org):

"Commitment to continued growth and life-long learning is the hallmark of a professional. Once a Certified Paralegal's career is launched, there is a need for advanced CLE programs as one changes areas of practice, or is met with more challenging assignments. The Advanced Paralegal Certification program is designed to recognize this effort.  

Advanced Certification courses are part of the self-study programs offered by NALA. APC certification is for Certified Paralegals and is focused on mastery of specific course material developed under the direction of the Advanced Paralegal Certification Board. Presently, NALA offers APC credentials in 26 practice areas. The average course is about 20 hours in length and organized into multiple modules. These web-based courses are available on a 24/7 basis. 

The ACP credential has been awarded to over 3,500 Certified Paralegals since its inception in 2006. Many Certified Paralegals seek multiple advanced certifications as their work assignments change.  CLE credit is available to Certified Paralegals upon successful completion of an APC course."

Click here for a PDF of all courses in the Advanced Paralegal Certification program.  Click here to view all advanced courses offered. 

To download NALA's brochure on its Paralegal Certifications examinations, visit:

NALA Certifications Brochure

NALA offers an Online Study Group for the CP Exam.  For more information, go to:


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Phoenix College offers a Certified Paralegal (CP) Review Course. 

The course is a five-week course held on Saturdays.  To learn more about this course, visit: 

Phoenix College CP Review Course

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